Specialised Plumbing Services

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    Specialised Plumbing Services:

    Speciality Qualifications

    DjK prides itself on being qualified to perform the scope of works other plumbing companies simply can’t do.

    Legislation requires specific “Compliance & regulations” to be met in all domestic and commercial buildings.

    This necessity in plumbing is not going away. Evidently, we are evolving with the constant amendments and / adjustments to meet legislative requirements.

    Some of our specialised qualifications include :

    • RPZD,s – Reduced Pressure Zone Device Installation and Certifications
      RPZD is a backflow prevention device used to protect drinking water from contamination. This device is compulsory on any new properties and also on extensions to original dwellings after 2016. DjK Plumbers are already notifying clients and installing these devices.
    • Laboratory Cleanliness Certification – When it comes to “ Innovation and science fields ” we must ensure there is no cross-contamination.  This skillset also requires special training in our techniques to ensure there are no DNA traces or germs to be found. DJK is trained and certified to work in these environments
    • Many of our clients that seek this type of service include Nuclear medicine facilities,  Hospitals and Universities, Child care centres and High Schools.
    • Council and Authority asset compliant – Frequently we are commissioned and engaged by large engineering and consulting companies to conduct site surveys for infrastructure such as the central railway station, and AFP international airport. To carry out the scope of works that involve knowledge and compliance throughout Sydney that cannot be compromised given the magnitude of this network.

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