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    Need a reliable strata plumber and complete trade management service? Rather than dealing with a range of service providers, ensure you’re getting consistent and professional plumbing solutions with a team of plumbing experts and specialists who understand the unique complexities of the corporate world.

    Strata building plumbing issues often need to be addressed urgently. If you are a property manager, and are looking for a reliable plumbing service partner for the maintenance, repair or installation of your building, DJK Plumbing is there for you. With over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the plumbing industry serving clients throughout Sydney. We pride ourselves on our wide portfolio of Strata plumbing services customers, including:

    • Body Corporate Managers
    • Strata Managers
    • Real estate agents for residential tenants
    • Leasing agents for both residential and commercials tenants
    • Property managers of commercial buildings
    • Maintenance Managers
    • Property Developers


    Quick turnaround and a friendly team, our hydraulic consultants, licensed plumbers, and project staff are well-versed in OH&S compliant preventative maintenance, alongside investigative and insurance queries.

    Scheduled maintenance, emergency repairs and same-day services for properties from residential units to commercial buildings, DJK Plumbing offers tailored Strata plumbing services to all areas of greater Sydney. We know that time is of the essence and we are available 24/7 for any emergency work. If you would like more information about our strata management services, contact us today.

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